An audience of hats !!

I use my hands and fiber to shape a story.   With yarn, fiber, stitches in various textures–I knit, felt and shape hats, bowls, pot cozies, landscapes and table mats.

           My felting began with a knit-to-felt dome that made a perfect cozy to keep coffee or tea piping hot.  At a festival where I had a booth of teapot cozies, a customer asked “Could I try one on?”  Astonished, I offered “These cozies are for pots – and no one would want to put a teapot cozy on their head.”  But he insisted – chose a cozy carefully, put it on his head, paid and strolled off- happy with his new ‘hat’!

A year or 2 later, I realized that a teapot cozy was quite similar to a hat.  Felted hats would be fun to make I mused.  Though my friends drink hot drinks, few use a teapot but they do wear hats.  I knit, felted, shaped and adorned my first hat. The structure and warmth of wool felt I discovered makes a stunning, unique piece of art and a durable hat.

Hundreds of hats later, I still see the possibilities for the felted head cozies are endless.  Hats can be very tall like the Hoo-Doo rock towers out west! They can be squished, pleated or rolled like the hats for the Downton Abbey ladies.  I use wet and dry felt techniques to make patterns with links, vines, checks, dots, spirals and land features of a landscape.  Hats can be the shape, color or texture of mushrooms, buds, wildflowers, roads, ridges even rock cliffs.  Hats can be helmets – tall and stately or a short squishy pile of pleats.  Felt hats are very warm (even in the rain).  They can also offer the look of a character, bring back a style from the past, be hip, hang loose, fit snug, ride high with an air of formality.  The felting process for me has a measure of surprise for each hat.  Different yarns, color, texture, fiber, stitches, design, time worked and shaping make every hat unique.

My booth in recent years is a hat shop but I continue to make pot cozies (for tea or coffee), felted landscape hangings and a variety of table mats.  Find some of these under Felt Items for Your Home!

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