New hats 2014

With a Visor!
With a visor!
With a Belt!
With a Belt!
A Mushroom  and the forest all around
A Mushroom and the forest all around
An Artichoke?
An Artichoke?

I can post again, YIPPEE!  Have a look

I can post again, YIPPEE!  Have a look at 4 recent posts – check out Coffee Cozies, Sculpted Hats, Spring Buds and best of all Mushrooms Of The Forest.

Black Swamp Arts 2012

Another great Black Swamp Arts Fest – Thick 6 foot branches formed 2-Hat Trees at the entrance of Got Fiber Art (Hat Shop) booth this year. Visitors strolled through all weekend for a look, to try on and to select a new hat. A number of repeat customers returned. Each had a story to tell about last year’s hat, where it was worn and by whom. This year they wanted a new look – a different color, size or style.

The entire festival brings 50,000 people to our small college town of Bowling Green, Ohio. Visitors had to set a fast pace – there were more than 150 art booths, more than a dozen food vendors, 3 stages of music, an enormous kid area with their own stage and a whole lot of people watching to do through out 4 blocks of our town center. 50 volunteers work all year planning the fest and 700 volunteers manage the weekend. This year was the 20th year for the Black Swamp Arts Festival and that’s just about a generation of celebration and fun. Join the 21st BSAF in 2013 the weekend after Labor day!!!!!!