I am primarily a Fiber Artist.  I create with fiber, fabric, yarn, fabric paint and cotton canvas.  All my work is done my hand.  The designs are original, including hand cutting the stencils used in some painted items.  I use color, texture, design, stitches, felting and blocking to make art which is both aesthetically interesting and useable.  All items are durable and can be washed gently in cold water.  I use only natural fibers of 100% wool, 100% cotton or a blend with alpaca.

Felt Hats and TeaPot cozies are made from wool or alpaca yarn.  A larger item is knit and then washed (or fulled) to form felt.   Agitation, heat and moisture cause the fiber to shrink, mat together and thicken.  The resulting felt is very different from the beginning knitted yarn.  Felt is strong, durable and holds it shape! Yet felt is soft mix of intertwined colors.  The insulating feature of wool makes felt a perfect material for hats or cozies that keep tea piping hot.

Table Mats and Mug Mats are first cut from mid-weight cotton canvas in natural or solid color.  Designs are stenciled or free hand painted with fabric paint. Designs are ironed hot under a cheese cloth to make the color permanent.  Mats edges are secured with tightly stitched hems.  Mug Mats are backed with felt for added durability

An item not from fiber — Tin, Stamped Garden Signs are cut from sheet flashing.  The edges are filed so they aren’t sharp.   Designs and lettering are stamped into tin and mounted on covered wire posts for planting in your garden!


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