Hats, Hats, Hats Everywhere!!!!!!

Hats are the most fun in a group.  The Hat Shop at Pyramid Hills Art Show where they waited like an audience for the show — the visitors.

Felted Hats make sweet bonnets for the right look on the right face.



Marbled Bowls in Felt

Bowls in felt are strong, sturdy yet soft, easy on furniture and  beautiful for display, empty or filled to the brim.  The colors in the fiber swish in and out to make a marbled look.

Some New Hats

I’m back! I have more fun felting than blogging but I will relearn about posting and photos because I want to share my new stuff with you!


The ‘Blues’ in fiber make their own song, each shade, each mix new but familiar like a old friend.






Sometimes scraps make a wonderful surprise rainbow of color!  This hat began as black and white and than the colors went wild!






Black speaks for itself, add a sliver of gray and sparkle.  This was the first one sold at the Black Swamp Arts Fest in Sept.

The Felting Process – Fulling Wool to Felt

The process of making wool felt is simple yet the metamorphic change from fiber to felt is magical.  In my work, I knit an item loosely on large needles.  I knit until the item is 1 1/2 times longer than I want the finished piece to be and an inch or 2 wider.

This hat is about 14 inches long and about 12 inches wide, at its widest.  The bottom edge rolls. The hat is floppy on my head and hangs past my collar bone.  Every stitch is visible and makes a hole.  If fact, the hat is full of stitch holes!

I use a net bag to contain the fiber that might shake loose in the hot wash/cold rinse washing machine cycle. The item goes in the bag and is zipped or tied tight so that it doesn’t escape.

In the hot wash cycle, the fibers become saturated, heated, then shrink and adhere to each other.  The change from knit to felt is profound.

Viola!   A Felted hat has no stitches visible and no holes!  The fulling process shrinks the fibers, thickened them and makes the hat;  sturdy, warm and holds it shape.   The hat can be ‘blocked’ or shaped when wet to become slightly taller and narrower or shorter and fatter.  The

bottom edge will lay flat or make a brim, flat or curled by blocking.  A finished felted hat is thick, warm, moisture and wind resistant.   It can be worn in the rain or snow.  Simply shape it again and let it dry!  View the following post to see another view of this hat.

Alpaca felts beautifully and sooo soft.

I used 50/50 Alpaca and Wool for this hat.  If feels almost fragile, slippery and hangs limp on my needles and in my hands while knitting.  Heat, water, agitation makes it a thick, sturdy yet extremely soft felt.  Somehow the felt is thick and firm yet exceptionally soft. A surprising new look and feel from items made entirely of wool.Alpaca/Wool Hat of Grey/Brown/Green

blog newby!

I am new at blogs.

I create art with a function.  Fiber is fun, squishable, bright with contrasting color or quieter with earthy hues.  Every piece is made by hand; from the selection of materials, the first squish to the finished touch.

I wanted to share my work.  Have a look!

Integrate Fiber (art) with your life!

My blog is evolving.  Check out the photo at the top.



In the foreground are my Mug Mats of cotton canvas and original fabric painted designs.   Similar dining (or place) mats are available.

To the right are Tea-Pot Cozies of fulled (or felted) wool.  Cozies are coats for your tea-pot and keep tea piping hot.  Some are in shapes of fresh produce, displayed first at our Farmer’s Market.  Others have panels of reverse applique – layered cotton fabrics with designs cut on top to reveal colors of fabric underneath.



Hidden behind the mug mats on the left are Felted Hats.  I create hats with brims, bands, flowers to complement any fashion trend.